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Red Dead Revolver Cheats

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I was asked in order to make a video in order together with images of all the ammunition from the online game.

So, here they are, all 24 ammunition, not such as special ammunition like broken bottle (Saloon Fight) in order together with showdown character specials.

I had in order to replay the online game in order to have 2 of the ammunition, Repeater rifle and Escopeta, but it wasn’t a big deal, in order together with invincibility, infinite dead-eye and golden gun cheats it was performne FAST.
And I needed the images for my website anyway so this rock hit a couple of ducks.

EDIT: A LOT of people have asked about Snake Oil and I’m not truly suprised either. Well, you’ll be able in order to buy Snake Oil from the dead guy (yes, the skeleton) in the cell Red and Buffalo were kept in. Just turn around and go back in whenever the chapter “Jailbreak” begins.

NOTE: I know there’s merely simply one person even interested in order to watch this video, but I performn’t care.
Don’t send me hatemail.

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