2012 So Far

Well 2012 got off to a very slow start. My carpet year went pretty much as predicted but my ball year was very late. I spoke to lots of ball breeders and many as well had a late year

or not that great of a year. I had many promising females fail to ovulate this year, but on the other hand some of my most anticipated females did go this year.

So here is a quick snap of some stuff I have been hatching. 

Albino Carpet, she is so purdy

Albino Carpet Python

Brand New Morphs and a Bit of Patience

One great thing about breeding reptile morphs is creating a new combination never before created. We have have all read that breeders big and small always have the chance to create a new combination. Well it really is true and with so many possible combinations it seems unlimited. There will always be those combos that are not that great looking, but you just never know how beautiful it might look with one more  gene  added.  Here is an example below. Not the most amazing example, but gives you an idea.

Finally A New Website !

Yes I know, I finally got a new website! I have pretty much squeezed every penny out of the old one and was long overdue for a new site.